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Where Can I Find a Style?

We're happy to help you locate a style. Simply reach out through our Customer Service Form.


*Tip: Giving us a style number will help us find your style in no time.


How Can I Request Wholesale?

To Request Wholesale simply Sign Up Now using our Request Wholesale Form.

*Tip: Don't worry about being an Online Store. We understand if you may not have a physical store front or if your physical location isn't ready yet.


How Can I Buy Online?

We sell through boutiques. Reach out through our customer service form to find a store near you. 

*Tip: If you already sell RDstyle in your store, check us out on NUorder.


Who Can Help Me With An Issue With My Order?

If you have any trouble with your Order, please reach out to your representative or through our Customer Service Form and we will Happily assist you.

*Tip: If there is an issue with a style, please attach images for the damaged item(s)


Do You Also Carry Menswear?

While RDstyle focuses on Womenswear, We are connected to our "Brother" brand called HEDGE.

*Tip: If you're interested in Menswear, please contact

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